Celebrating the new mobility

The challenges

Future vehicles are electrical powered and part of an overall cloud based service set up as an edge device. They all rely on a modern architecture, we know from cloud datacenters. Moving from traditional vehicle development towards projects with new paradigms like "cloud centric", agile or test driven isn't easy:

Start with a "blank slate" approach? 

What about the compentencies of my team? 

How to deal with legacy architectures/processes? 

What is a minimum viable product in the automotive industry? 

How to combine continuous development and safety/hardware related processes? 

Is my company investing in the right technologies? 

What's beyond agile development?

What we stand for

Having worked in classical automotive OEMs but always on the advanced technology and software side, 
Movia Technologies offer you guidance and advice in dealing with the transformation in a professional way. We are about ...

  • defining E/E and AD HW/SW-technologies for embedded and cloud
  • bringing projects and processes on track and executing
  • working with investors so that they can make the right decisions

Our offer

Movia Technologies is embedded in a virtual network of top notch experts and industry veterans. We tailor our projects to the individual needs of our clients. But also bringing well proven design patterns for technology and processes into your company.

Designing architectures & Technology

  • progressive technologies for embedded automotive systems
  • vehicle OS and middleware
  • right balance between cloud and onboard
  • stable, safe and reliable based on standards and open source

Leading mission critical projects and processes

  • Focus on reaching SOP
  • Reworking processes and organisation to ensure the lessons learned and adapt to new challenges
  • Digital transformation for your core development processes
  • Finding the right balance between 100% agile softwareprocesses and more waterfall orientated overall organisation

Consulting for investors

  • Evaluation of projects and companies on core technology battlegrounds
  • Judging how theses technologies will impact the automotive industry
  • Building bridges between the Stakeholders (investors, innovators and automotive industry)